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Production Using an Event Analytics

Event Analytics - Amino acids are protein-formers, nutrients are important. Protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. They are the main structural components of all body cells. There are two different types of amino acids: Essential and Nonessential. Unimportant amino acids can be made with chemicals found in the body while essential amino acids cannot be made from the body's system; therefore the only way to get them is through food consumption.

Analytics Predictive uses data to estimate the end result of a pending event. This lets business owners know the likely outcome of an intentional business plan. It uses statistical techniques to integrate modeling and data mining to analyze historical and current situations and start making predictions about the future Event Analytics to help you analyze. In the production of animal protein, the predictive model captures the relationship among many factors and allows the evaluation of potential risks and opportunities. This will enable the operations manager to know the best production techniques to implement in optimizing their production.

Descriptive Analytics: using data to analyze the past event analytics to have a better view of how to approach the future. Historical data is mined to provide insight into the past event rate of events and see the reasons for success or failure and make the necessary adjustments as they mature.

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